How to ... reach Warendorf

There are many ways to come to Warendorf: by ship and car, by railroad, by plane ... and, of course, by Internet. Which is, in fact, the way you use now.
If you prefer to visit Warendorf not only virtually, here are some hints for you:

By ship and car:
You may either take the ship to Wales (Dublin - Holyhead  or Rosslare - Fishguard), drive through Wales and England (you should have some strange money, called "pound", with you ...) to Dover, take another ship to Calais, or take the direct route via Dublin and Cherbourg, which avoids both England and the pound. In both cases, you'll have to cross France and Belgium to reach the german border near Aachen. From here, take the highway ("Autobahn") A4 to Cologne. Change to A1 and head north to Dortmund, passing Cologne and the Rhine, Leverkusen and the "Bergisches Land" until you reach Münster. Follow the great Münster bypass (B51, signposted "Bielefeld"), pass Handorf and Telgte and - there you are!
It will take about 2 days when you prefer this kind of travel.

By plane:
Aer Lingus offers direct flights from Dublin to Düsseldorf; other companies serve this route as well. From there, take a regional flight to Münster/Osnabrück and phone someone from the DIF to pick you up.
The quickest way to reach Warendorf, and - weather permitted - the one with the best global view ...

By railroad:
Boring. First, you have to reach the bigger of the British Isles; from there, you may take a train to Dover, cross the channel via the tunnel, reach Cologne, pass over to Münster and finally take the regional train to Warendorf. Be sure you're not too late or you will have to stay in Münster for the night (or ring one of us, of course).
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